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This is a link to all the TRAILS in Columbia County


Be sure the names match the DNR records.
The information in the AWSC database has to match exactly (name and address) with what the DNR has on file or members will NOT be able to order trail passes... Please do not use nicknames because the chances are the State of WI DNR has the real name.

You can look up your AWSC Member number
& Print Your Membership Card
You can look up your AWSC membership number to order trail passes and print your AWSC membership card right from the AWSC website.


$250 Scholarship- The students should obtain the official application from the Pardeeville School High School as they have it there to be handed out.

The applicant must be an individual member, son, daughter or legal ward of a family having current membership in the Rocky Run Riders Snowmobile Club. He or she is further required to have passed the DNR Snowmobile Safety Course. He or she is required to have volunteered a minimum of 10 hours of work (signed off by a RRR board member) with the Rocky Run Riders Snowmobile Club. He or she is required to provide an essay on “What Snowmobiling Means to Me” and what his or her further education plans are and how it could benefit snowmobiling/snowmobilers in the future.

Please call or email with questions.